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FIRST PUBLISHED: 11/2002 Copyright
Now expanded and updated.
Platinum Recycling Made Easy

A practical guide to platinum group metal recovery, including
complete information on how to test for platinum
complete wet solvent chemistry protocol for 4 PGMs
color illustrations

packed with 7 pages of valuable lists of platinum containing items
Kit includes book, test stand, testing powders, lists and more!
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Platinum Recycling Made Easy

Plat lab items

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Megan Rose's
PLAT Companion
Catalytic Converter kit

A practical guide to locating, liberatiing, and preparing catalytic converters for chemical recovery of precious metals.
    To be used with her Platinum Recycling Made Easy, which is the chemical process.
    Besides the manual, this kit includes samples, illustrations,
    and a buyers flip chart reference for do-it-yourselfers
    Now in it's expanded NEW EDITION and updated with suggestions for several business models.




    Does the Information in these two Plat Kits overlap? If I have only money for one-- which should I buy?


    No. The material does NOT overlap! Good question, though.

    The chemistry protocol was written first, that is the Platinum Recycling Made Easy kit.
    It was published in 2002

    Those thinking they could use the platinum chemistry protocol
    to successfully to recover the PGMs from Cat Converters
    found themselves to be thwarted, because:
    1) they didn't know which cats to buy
    2) what to pay for them
    3) the basics of preparation prior to wet solvent extraction

    Therefore, the cat kit--Keep The Plats from the Cats for YOURSELF
    was written for those cat specialists in November 2003,
    especially those who had been using the old buy and flip biz model
    and only making profiting $1 to $2 per unit
    after their long, hard and dirty work.

    Then an additional Q&A Supplement was developed from my interaction
    with successful cat PGM harvesters mastering my NEW MILLENIUM BIZ MODEL!

and added in Dec 2004, making the Cat Kit a 4 part kit (updated October 2008 with some more recent additions).

While I do not know what each of your particular focus is,
nor what your chemistry background is,
I assure you, however, the safe and sane chemistry protocol
can be followed by anyone with a basic understanding of English.

I suppose, if one had limited funds I would recommend the following:
purchase the CAT kit first if you are wanting to do catalytic recovery.

If, however, I did not want to locate, evaluate, liberate and preparate
the cats for wet solvent extraction,
then I would not continue with the other, Platinum Recycling kit purchase,
and find a way to make a buck from the highly specialized knowledge in CAT kit.
It's possible and very doable.

When you find yourself willing to master
the locate, evaluate, liberate and prep"erate,"
then at that future point in time--
limitation of discretionary funds being the primary factor--
you will then return and purchase the
unique sequential Platinum wet solvent extraction protocol I've developed,
to harvest 5 metals...in specific order and time sequence.

    If you don't wish to specialize in Cats
, then skip the cat kit
and go straight for the wet solvent protocol Plat kit, and its lists of above ground discarded, cheap platinum scrap!
You can always decide later to "branch" into cats, especially if you
A) are making decent money from the from wet solvent protocol to generate the funds to purchase the Cat kit,
B) create a partnership with a proven, renewable source of cats just begging to be harvested.

Your call. So, let me know what you decide.

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Thrift Store Prospecting now with Megan Rose's NITRIC PROCESS CD
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Not all items in the Plat kit can be shipped out of the United States.

The four Platinum Group Metals (PGM's) which these materials cover are Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, and Iridium. You will also be able to save your gold. Silver in this material can be salvaged, but is an irritant rather than the focus. For silver, see Pen Press' Silver Kit which covers silver recovery and coversion back to metal.
Catalytic converters is the focus of the Keep the Plat from the Cats and has extensive photographs helping you do step by step demanufacturing and preparation so that the material is ready for the chemical processes. It also covers specifics for recovering precious metal from Oxygen Sensors. There is also avionics, electronics, OBDII, Clean Air III, Clean Air IV, avionic, avionic scrap recovery. The Platinum Recycling Made Easy is a kit, which includes a test stand and instructions for testing for platinum. There are color illustrations by Megan Rose and valuable lists of where to find and what you are looking for these precious metals. Megan Rose, author of these works as well as Thrift Store gold Prospecting has a chick trademark as well as her Sure-Look Moore image.

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