Hard Metallic Silver Recycling Made Easy
by Megan Rose, reknowned author, Thrift Store Prospecting gold kit, Lists, Samples & Tester

Have you ever thought you would be more successful finding discarded, above ground silver scrap
such as silverplated silverware,
silverplated brass trinketsboxes
silverplated tea servers,
silver charms,
silver electrical contacts,
busted silver neck chains and bracelets,

Do YOU know how to quickly test for silver besides looking for "tarnish?"

Then THIS kit is for you!!

Included is a generous 2 oz silver testing solution,
which instantly provides a "YES it's silver" OR "nope, it ain't" result in just seconds!!!!!!!
Fits pocket or purse!
Instructions glued right on the container!

Remember the old TV commercial, "A Li'l Dab 'll do ya?"
Ayup...if you were born after WWII, you'll recognize the old Brylcreme TV ditty..."they love to put their fingers through your hair..."

Well, this ain't no Brylcreme, but I got the "Lil' Dab 'll do ya" part down right!!!!!!!
This 2oz testing solution will last a LONG time.
Why? Because you only use 1 drop at a time!

Ever get confused by "German Silver" foreign coins
when you are out scrounging around for sugar bowl precious metals money?
You know the shiny silver colored stuff!
Even purses and coins were made out of it back in the 'olden days.'
So, were pocket watches and fountain pens and cigarette lighters, etc.
But the joke was on the consumers...because there is NO silver in German silver!!!
Did you know that?
Well, ya'do now(grin)

So, here's my irresistible deal:
When you WIN THIS KIT: You get in ONLY MY kit
Ayup, the Original eBay Gold Platinum & NOW Silver tutor Refiner/Teacher on eBay
*1 - 2 oz bottle for your testing solution...powder included with instructions to make your own.
**1 --guaranteed to be Silverplated eating utensil for you to take the silver off of and learn your lessons on...
***4 -- filters for catching silver chloride powder
****2 -- Not one but TWO illustrated HOW-TO sheets,
and last but certainly NOT least!!!!!!!!!!!---
*****1 --
Instructionas included for converting silver chloride flakes back into traditional silver gray metal. No cooking, no furnace needed. take silver gray, metallic dust, and use enclosed pelletizer tool to convert to Silver that is READY FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And guess what else????!!!!
If you really want to fire your precipitate, you may order mY professionally prepped brand new CLAY CRUCIBLE
which is reuseable anywhere from 15-25 times, depending upon how consistent you are
at reading and following the attached simple directions!!!!!!!!!!

And YES, I can professionally prep any size clay crucible you want
by special order, so use the Question For Seller Form above
so you can work in GONZO "Biggie" Sized Professionally Prepped Clay Crucibles.
If you are interested in this optional method, let me know, and I can put up one on eBay just for you after you are a buyer of this kit.

Many eBay sellers have taught THEIR winners how to
precipitate acid-dissolved silver into Silver Chloride!!
No Doubt about that! Ayup, lots o'sellers...and ayup, they've dun gud!!(grin)

BUT.....<---doncha jis HATE that lil' word "but...." (grin)...

not until AUGUST 2004 when I first released this kit
has ANYONE besides me been even willing to teach you what to do next
with that white powder precip that loves to turn instantly purple on ya, in the filter.
Ayup, this is the powder that most refineries don't even want to mess with...
AND THAT is what makes ME, your coach, and MY kit different.

You jis'' hide and watch now...Hahahaha
all them other eBay sellers...they'll pop up here on this auction site shortly....
and they'll tell you how to use the "Cementation Technique" fer free if you buy
another $1 used plastic bucket from them for $50 or other outrageously silly price for a bucket.

Well, let me tell you a bit about cementation processes they be wantin' to teach ya, okay?

you get yerself some shallow GLASSWARE,
a hot plate,
and something to stir with, and!!!!!!!!!
and then collect a bunch of the purest iron nails you can find......
.....and that "pure part" is a whole LOT harder to find than they be willing to tell ya...
'cause they will want you to run to a certain "Depot" and buy yerself boxes and boxes of 16DWT nails.
and toss in a few into that glassware with the acid soup in it.

they will instruct you to heat that solution and all that silver chloride powder and all them nails together
and then stand there and stir, and stir, and stir, and stir, and stir, and stir...well, you git the pix!

then they tell ya to fish out the parts of the nails that don't dissolve...
yeah, like fishing in hot acid is your idea of a really cool way to spend a day off, yes?????? NOT!!!!
Do you really want me to continue with Step 4, when there is an easier way???????

a quicker "NO standing over a hot stove stirring acids all day" way?


A PROFESSIONAL yet small footprint way?

ayup, with this Kit o'mine...Silver Recycling MADE EASY!!!!!!

Now the goodies in this kit are H-E-A-V-Y buggers...and that pushes S&H&I up a wee bit ...ayup, but that's OKAY!

because, once you buy my kit....
here's my promise to you winners!!!
you can ALWAYS get DISCOUNTED REFILLS on both the 2oz Silver Test Solution
and any size Professionally Prepped Clay Cooking Crucible you might wish me to list either item for purchase in the future right on eBay!!!!

Ayup, Megan Rose comes through for you scrap metals recyclers, AGAIN!!!!!!!

Silver's moving up to and thru the $20 per oz range currently. (Nov 2013)
Isn't it time you did something with that pile of silver you've been putting off processing?
especially since I've made it so easy for you from the git go with this kit?

The freebie bonus with this kit will be a .jpg photo which will show you
Silver Recycling Made Easy


I love questions and have 15 years "gold recycling" teaching track record of providing great answers! For the first time EVER, I'm now willing to answer the Silver Chloride into Hard Metal question you have, also. You want to know something before you buy? Then ASK ME!!! Since this is primarily an info kit with consumables, there are no refunds/returns/exchanges offered. Yes, I still personally answer all my email.

I accept Money Orders, Cashier's Check, concealed US$$-cash,
and Personal Check payments (which are held up to 3 weeks, until check clears)
Foreign Winners: contact for additional shipping charges to your national destination, thanks!
Though not all items in the kit may be sent outside the US, all process information is included.

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