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Megan Rose, Author of Thrift Store [GOLD] Prospecting

There are three questions to ask about Black Sands: Is there any?  How Much? How do I get it all?
Comes with four Sample Fluxes

Turns out, ALL of us small scale miners HATE throwing out ANY blacksands.


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Catalytic Converter kit

cat manual picture

Locating, evaluating, liberating, and preparing catalytic converters for chemical recovery
To be used with her Platinum Recycling Made Easy, this kit includes
process illustrations, and a B&W multi-page, visual ID reference section to aid buyers in visually
identifying various C/Cs by type and shape in order to haggle for best pricing from sellers.

CAT @ $114.90

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Megan Rose, Author of Thrift Store [GOLD] Prospecting

developed this important addition to the precious metal recovery process
Platinum Recycling Made Easy

Plat manual picture

The chemical step-by-step process to recover platinum, palladium, iridium, rhodium, and/or gold.

PLAT $204.90

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Hard Metallic Silver Recycling Made Easy
by Megan Rose, reknowned author, Thrift Store Prospecting gold kit, Lists, Samples & Tester

Do YOU know how to quickly test for silver besides looking for "tarnish?"

Then THIS kit is for you!!

kit contents, testing to hard metal

Included is a generous 2 oz silver testing solution,
which instantly provides a "YES it's silver" OR "nope, it ain't" result in just seconds!!!!!!!

Recovering silver plate and turning it into hard silver.
Silver Recycling Made Easy


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Written by a real-life refiner, book 1 of a 3 book set: Gold Miner's Secrets
is written for the advanced "do-it-yourself" gold enthusiast types.
Call or eMail for price information and about books 2 and 3

GMS manual picture


PV #83 Report
Megan Rose endorses this particular report
documenting $10,000/per ton, cash value of recovered gold & silver,
from a host of specific recyclable materials!

PV #83 will advance the novice gold recycler's skills beyond the basic, small scale operation.
An 8"x11" flowchart graphic illustrates how to scale up
from a lab-top or garage/small shop operation to as large as you want to get,
including "going commercial," which will clear upwards of $100,000 annually!

PV#83's EXTENSIVE bibliography of sources and scientists
who have addressed this topic in a scholarly fashion, makes this worth twice the purchase price.
Yes, industry as well as various governmentally funded research committees
have been impaneled to document this type of recycling,
verifying its potential gold recovery,
as well as environmental impact.

Extremely informative, PV #83 is the logical "next step,"
proving economic feasibility in plain language.

PV83 for $28.90


Profitable Recycling Made Easy,
by Nancy Stone
Queen of scrap metal recycling,
Nancy takes the mystery out of the "recycling leftovers"
after the gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have been recovered.
Those scrappy leftovers will make you a tidy sum as well.
New information about bulk plastics.

PRME manual picture

PRME $14.90
Ordering information.

Prices include shipping for continental USA.
Outside continental USA, email for necessary minimal additional shipping charge.
telephone 1-208-722-7722 or


Concerning Thrift Store Prospecting Nitric Process CD
As Megan travelled the Gold Prospectors of America Association's show circuit, she was always buttonholed and thoroughly quizzed by individuals, old, young, greenhorn or wily prospector, yes, even beach- combers, garbage collectors, detectorists, confirmed junkers, and other recyclers.

They all stop at her printer's type tray filled with a rather comprehensive sampling of gold plated items which dominated her display. This particular nitric process methodology on the accompanying CD of removal and filtering is effective on most of the displayed samples.

Many have watched in amazement as she demonstrated a rather simple, effective, BASIC method for removing the "easy gold" from various plated objects, all the types of "collectors" which have already been gathered during their "frugal lifetimes!"

Would you believe that Refuse Collectors up and down the West Coast have been pulling valuable precious metals items out of weekly collections for years? They've been aware all along that "this stuff was worth something," but until meeting Megan Rose, haven't known where to start or how to begin.

They line up at her exhibits to buy this manual and kit and to ask questions!

Megan Rose has put this information on a CD, including precautions for
Thrift Store Prospector's Book w/Kit buyer's benefit only, for no extra charge! IF you are
convinced you are equipped for and can handle the caustic process using nitric acid, then
this Nitric Process CD you receive with Thrift Store Prospecting is for you.

Follow the directions to the letter and use plenty of ventilation!!!

US$ 94.90 Thrift Store Prospecting gold kit PLUS Megan Rose's NITRIC PROCESS CD
Samples, Tester, 6 pages of lists, color illustrations, Intro to 11 gold harvesting methods


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Forward to Sabisch's TWO Book Reviews
Lost Treasure magazine July 2003, and Treasure Facts, June 1995

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