Updated March 4, 2014
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Callin' all Gold Grubbin Miners!!
Turns out, ALL of us small scale miners HATE throwing out ANY blacksands.
We've heard everyone and their mule talk about "if we just soak it,
crush it, use wheels, bowls, spoonsful in tiny sluices..."
, ayup, even after ALLLLL that coddlin',
we STILL don't pitch out our buckets o'blacks.
"Gracious Grubbers!!! We just might'a left some gold in thar buckets!"

Well, Grubbers...WONDER NO MORE!!!
spinning cd
Gold in Black Sands Flux Instructional CD with 4 pre-mix fluxes
There are three questions one asks, Is there any? How much? How do I get it all?
Here's what my CD and 4 pre-mixes SAMPLER will do for you,
all ya 'Gold Grubbin' dredgers, panners, sluicers, highbankers, rockhounds, & pebble-pups!!!
spinning cd

The GRASSHOPPER pre-mix flux will correctly fire and and collect your GOLD straight from your snuffer bottle
withOUT removing any blacksands ALWAYS sneakin' in when we're snufferin' goldspecks!
Ayup, all that crusted over with magnetic iron blacks hiding your gold
will sho' nuff lose their grip using the
GRASSHOPPER flux pre-mix.

The BLUE BLAZER pre-mix flux will correctly fire and collect your GOLD
in a purdy lump also, even IF you've used a magnet on your cons already

The TANGO ASSAY pre-mix flux will correctly assay for 1 metal, GOLD from YOUR blacksands.
This way, you can analyze YOUR blacksands for gold content per scientific sample method I show you on the CD itself how to do.
There is a SIMPLIFIED math page included so you can convert your gold results
to an assay ton to determine yield per ton.
Also included are step by step actual photos of how to select a representative blacksands' sample so that your results make sense and relate to your whole pan or bucket o'blacks.
Yes, TANGO ASSAY flux can be used on any other NON sulfide ORE sample you may be curious about.
If you have a sulfide ore, you can pre-treat the sulfide ore, THEN use TANGO ASSAY pre-mix flux
Smelted together Tango assays' results.
smelted together gold assay prills using Tango Assay Flux pre-mix

The PURPLE PUNCH pre-mix flux will fix darn near all your prior fluxing mistakes so you can collect your GOLD
With THIS flux pre-mix, you can take advantage of a place NONE of you are currently looking for gold. Ayup, I reveal my secret gold grubbin' project to the world,
with this CD (page 69) combined with this DANDY PURPLE KNOCKOUT PUNCH pre-mix.
So, if you are the type that doesn't follow directions good, or likes to experiment...KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!
You still have my PURPLE PUNCH flux pre-mix to come to your rescue and let you play THEN get your gold out for you when you're done making a mess!
Grubbers, NOW you don't have to feel so left out if you mess up the first few tries!

And THAT's NOT ALL, Gold Grubbers!
Megan has included 2 BONUSES on this CD about a make it yourself Black Sands Magnet on the CHEAP,
and a special SIEVE USING TIPS
and how to inexpensively repair any non-manufactured holes in your sieves.

ALL THIS for less than the price of a single metal assay
by some stranger you've never heard of and wonder if they'll rip you a new one,
and you can check them out by DOING THIS YOURSELF!!!
AAAAAND, you STILL have inexpensive refills t'boot.
Go ahead, Grubbers, keep 'em honest, and even cut 'em out of the loop if you want to.

spinning cd

Megan Rose
PO Box 321
Parma ID 83660-0321

Refills from Publisher: 208-722-7722
THAT's MOUNTAIN TIME, all you East Coast Grubbers! (hahahahaha)

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telephone 1-208-722-7722 or
email: penpress@goldplatinumtutor.com

Refills are only available to Original Black Sands GOLD Sampler KIT buyers



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spinning cd

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